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Yummy (2019) Thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Belgian Horror film 'Yummy' story summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a girl Alison who visits a hospital along with her friend named Michael and mother Sylvia. They were welcomed by doctor named Janja. Doctor examines Alison thoroughly and recommends her surgery. Her mother was also admitted for plastic surgery at the hospital. Michael who left medical field because he was suffering from blood phobia. That’s why he started feeling faint as he enters the hospital and sees the blood of some patient.

Michael and Alison were standing outside and discussing about the hospital .Michael was never satisfied with Alison’s treatment procedure as the Doctor never recommended blood tests but in fact directly offered surgery.

A ward boy named Daniel comes there and they start discussing something. When Alison was preparing for the surgery Daniel takes Michael out and they start visiting the hospital. Daniel enters the pharmacy and looks for the drug he used to take and he steals the drug from there. Michael enters into a room where he finds a girl who was tied to the bed and her mouth was covered with a mask. Michael thinks that she was in trouble therefore he removes the mask from her face.

But that girl looked horribly terrible and her mouth was bleeding. She attacks Michael, who rescued her. Daniel enters the room and gets shocked. They both run away from there but the girl was a zombie in fact. She unties herself and starts roaming in the hospital. Michael comes back to Alison and asks her to leave the hospital as he felt something wrong there. Doctors ask him to leave the surgery room but unfortunately he gets the tranquilizer accidently.

When he wakes up he comes back to Alison’s room but the situation of hospital was very dramatic. Patients were running out along with the doctors. Actually the Zombie girl which Michael had rescued started infecting other people and many people were turned to zombie. A person who was in hassle throws a wheel chaired lady through the stairs. But as he reaches down, many zombies were already present there.

While Alison was finding her mother along with Michael they were attacked by a Zombie doctor. Michael fights with him but gets severe electric shock. Alison considers him dead and escapes from there. She finds her mother in a room finally, who was unconscious.

She takes her mother out but a weird zombie lady starts following them. Daniel comes there and kills her but unfortunately Alison’s mother got infected by her. This movie explains the survival of all the survivors in which a head doctor Dr. K along with her colleague Janja were also included. Actually Doctor K developed a virus in his own lab along with Dr. Janja. Dr. K was latterly killed by Dr. Janja.

In my opinion this movie is full of action, suspense and horror and also covers a unique concept. Some parts of the movie were containing fun though. An absolute pleasure full of exposure. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.

Images and footage Source: Principal Photography
Director: Lars Damoiseaux
Producer: Kobe Van Steenberghe Hendrik Verthé
Writer: Lars Damoiseaux Eveline Hagenbeek

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