What Happened to the Girls on BTS Music Videos? Knowing those Lucky girls who guested on the BTS MV

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related topics: V's sister: BTS "On" MV Rina Johnson is a 13-year-old child actress The School Girl – BTS “Boy in Luv” During an interview on BNT magazine, Go so Hyun stated her experience working with the members of BTS. “Boy In Luv” (LA Version) 2014, BTS casted Victoria, Jewel, and Christina on the street at Los Angelas to be part of their LA version of “Boy In Love”. Up until now, Fans wont forget this iconic moment when Victory hug V. And how V taught her to say "Jimin is stupid" in korea. bts american hustle life While Jewel continued working as a gymnastic coach, model, and dancer. Sadly, Jewel passed away in a car accident in September 2014. Victoria expressed her condolences on Twitter and wrote, “Glad I got to meet you that day”.
“Beautiful” Music video and “For You” music video, “War of Hormone” bts music video mv There are also rumors that say that she was related to Jungkook. Fans remember her as Jeon Yujin, which clearly similar to Jungkook's last name. Way back in 2014 & 2015, it was rumored that Han Ah Sun who's also known as "Jeon Yujin" was jungkook's cousin. It's unsure tho if she change her name at some point of her career. But these rumors appeared to be false because it wasn't confirmed.

Here’s What Happened To The Girls That Featured On BTS’s “LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel” Shin Ryujin Shin Yuna Choi Yuju Kim Bora played the role of V's companion. As of this time, she is in Cherry Bullet together with Yuju. Park Jungyeon left SM Entertainment and made a contract with Key East Entertainment. Oh Hanseol At that time, Hansol was a trainee under JYP Entertainment.
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