VINDICATION - Rust (Movie)

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Welcome back to another video and the fourth "movie" of my channel! Today my friend Brocky and I started our adventure right after the max-pop server we were playing on had wiped; we decided to put our base down near Launch Site. This decision was bold as clans are known to build in the Launch Site area. After not too long, Brocky and I found ourselves surrounded by two groups that outnumbered us and wanted all of the launch site loot to themselves. Enemies were made, friends as well, and after Brocky and I picked on the wrong group, an inevitable raid loomed over our adventure. I hope you enjoy the video!




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1st song: The Silent Killer - Enigmanic
2nd song: Don Giovanni Minuet - Traditional
3rd song: I'm Leaving - Alan Carlson-Green
4th song: Sneaking Up on You - The New Fools
5th song: The Bayou - Tigerblood Jewel
6th song: Pacific Journey - Edward Karl Hanson
7th song: Shake Down - Jules Gaia
8th song: Pachisi - Taomito
9th song: Symbiosis - Jake and Jake
10th song: The Thief in Marrakesh - Arc De Soleil
11th song: A Call From the Wild - Rune Dale
12th song: Goin Strait - Fasion
13th song: Sunglass Reflection - White Bones
14th song: Third Wheelin' - Jerry Lacey
15th song: The Great Escape - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
16th song: Two Lovers' Bane - David Celeste
17th song: Lethal Secrets - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
18th song: The Mole - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
19th song: Cloak - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
20th song: Love Child - Daniel Fridell
21st song: Landfall - Stonekeepers
22nd song: Wordlessness - Anthony Earls
23rd song: A Woman With Grit - Grant Lamotte
24th song: At Evenfall - Howard Harper-Barnes
25th song: Life Below Water - Wendel Scherer
26th song: Break Free - Fabien Tell
27th song: Leave It All Here - Fabien Tell
28th song: Moving Arma 2 - August Wilhelmsson
29th song: Moving Arma 3 - August Wilhelmsson
30th song: Hidden - Farrell Wooten
31st song: Hokkaido - Saira Ridley
32nd song: Stable Delusion - Max Anson
33rd song: All A Beautiful Blur - Trevor Kowalski
34th song: Up Higher - Sven Karlsson
35th song: What You're Made Of - Gary Combs
36th song: The Worst Call - Jon Bjork
37th song: Hunger, Thirst - Johannes Bornlof
38th song: Love and Friendship - David Celeste
39th song: I Can't Sleep - Mr Kent & Ruby Red
40th song: Lion's Drift - Trevor Kowalski
Outro song: Para Mi - Bassio


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