URGENT NEWS $400 + $300 Unemployment Benefits Update PUA SSI SSDI EDD WOW! Unemployment Extension

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URGENT NEWS $400 + $300 Unemployment Benefits Update PUA SSI SSDI WOW! Unemployment Extension and Unemployment Update Best news for one state

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URGENT NEWS $400 + $300 Unemployment Benefits Update PUA SSI SSDI WOW! stimulus check update stimulus update unemployment extension

Here’s your unemployment update for Thursday, February 18th, 2021

It’s Thursday that means the Department of Labor released the weekly jobs report.

According to the data, the number of new unemployment claims filed last week rose slightly to 861,000.

That was an increase of about 68,000 from the previous jobs report halting a downward trend that pointed to an improving labor market.

Another 516,000 claims were filed last week for the PUA program for gig workers and self-employed workers.

The week’s job report reflects the need for another stimulus package to get passed right away.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Senate has approved a bipartisan bill designed to begin updating the state’s antiquated unemployment insurance system.

This is the same unemployment system that Gov. Tony Evers has blamed for causing delays in the processing of claims these last few months.

The measure approved Thursday includes portions of a relief bill that Evers vetoed.

Ever’s stated, “Modernizing our unemployment system should have been done a long time ago- our system isn’t new and these problems aren’t either, and plenty of members of the Legislature have been serving long enough.”

And finally, good news for residents in Michigan as the Unemployment Insurance agency announced that it has over $500 available for unemployment benefits.

The UIA says Michigan has one of the healthiest trust funds in the nation and is one state that is unlikely to borrow from the federal government to cover unemployment benefits in 2021.

Each state maintains its own Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund reserve to pay for state UI benefits.

Michigan’s program has helped 2,700 Michigan businesses and almost 97,000 employees at
the peak of enrollment.


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