UPDATE WISHLIST! Ideas for New Brawler, Quests, Club Wars, Star Shop & MORE!

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Brawl Stars UPDATE WISHLIST! Ideas for New Brawler, Quests, Club Wars, Star Shop & MORE!

welcome to a new month, I can’t wait for the next update! If you guys didn’t know, most of the features that Supercell adds to Brawl Stars are ideas that they get from us, the community. So today, I made this video in hopes that Supercell sees it and adds many of these awesome ideas and features into the next update. Let’s show Supercell that we really want these features added to the game, so after you’ve watched the entire video, please comment below to let us know which of these features in our wishlist you want in the next update!

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First, let’s talk about that boring “Free Chest” you get in the shop. Every morning when I wake up and see that “Free Chest,” I just sigh, “here we go again, another 12 coins.” Instead, it would be so much more exciting if we can have a “Spin the Wheel” feature where you have a small chance of winning a rare item! I know that if we had this feature, I’d wake up every morning being much more excited to spin this wheel.
Not only that, we can have Quests everyday where you have to complete a mission, and you get rewarded with another chance to Spin the Wheel! For example, say the mission of the day is to get four kills in one Showdown game and if you complete it, then you get another spin.

We seriously need more social club features because at the moment, there really aren’t many incentives for joining a club. So let’s add a “Club Box” feature similar to the Clan Chest in Clash Royale. Every time one of your club members earn trophies for winning, those trophies get added to the Season Box. At the end of the season, the total trophies your club made that season will dictate how much rewards you get from the Club Box. Basically, the more you and your club members play, the more rewards you get at the end of the season. This would have your club members more actively involved in playing together and pushing trophies.

Along with the Club Box, we seriously need Club Wars! Like other Supercell games, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale both have clan wars. It’s time for Brawl Stars to finally have Club Wars. Basically, every season your club will be matched up against another club that’s in the same trophy range as your club. In order to win the Club War, you and your club must accumulate more trophies than the other Club for that season. To make things more interesting, throughout the season, there is a high chance that you will frequently match up against the players in the enemy club so it feels more like a real battle. Oh and, this could also change the way Club rankings work. The more Club Wars your Club wins, the higher it places in the Global Leaderboards.

We need more use for Star Points. I don’t mean to brag, but I have every skin in the game, including every Star Skin and I still have over 200,000 Star Points. We seriously need more options to spend Star Points on, so a great idea would be to have a “Star Shop.” And in the Star Shop, you can use Star Points to buy new skins or cosmetics for your profile or brawler. Imagine being able to buy brawler icons, or customize your background, or even buy cosmetics or animations for your brawlers. Such as a “Golden Gun” for Colt. A bigger sized bear for “Nita.” A more “intimidating looking boxing gloves” for your Rosa. Or buy custom animations, such as when Bull uses Super, there’s a fire animation around him.

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