Unemployment Update 11-22 NEW Assistance NOW Available Act Fast Biden’s Plan Cares Act Money

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Unemployment extension, unemployment benefits, Unemployment update for Sunday, November 22nd, 2020. CARES ACT TRUMP BIDEN Money still going out. $16 Million in small County. Not FEMA but its still money for families in need.

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As we prepare for the Holiday season ahead and as we still wait on another stimulus package.

There are several government programs to help with expenses, from food and groceries to student loan payments.

Mortgage forbearance options are available until December 31st, 2020 for people with federally backed mortgages. Contact your servicer to learn more about forbearance options and what’s available.

Anyone with a federal student loan is available to make income-driven repayment plans to help reduce the amount you own every month on your student loan when payments resume in 2021.

For anyone who needs health insurance and isn’t covered by an employer policy, applying through the ’s website is the best option according to Business Insider.

For anyone who needs extra help covering groceries and food for their family, SNAP benefits can help.

This program provides you with benefits on a card that you can use at grocery stores on essential food items.

The money will soon be going to Escambia County, Florida impacted by that thing out there.

The Escambia Board of Commissioners approved to increase CARES Act dollars for families from $ million to $ million at their meeting.

Deputy County Administrator Chips Kirschenfeld says, “that 5,500 of those families will receive checks worth $3,000 each.”

He continued to say “that the county is close to approving nearly 5,000 more grants.”

The funds can be used to help pay rent, utilities, car payments, or medical bills.

That is fantastic news for Florida residents. We hope more states step up and help during this Holiday season.

Biden is already in discussion about the next stimulus package and unemployment benefits.

Biden, Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer agreed such a package must include priorities such as small business aid, money for state and local governments, expanded unemployment benefits, and affordable health care for millions of families.

The renewed push for a deal before Inauguration Day comes as new applications for unemployment benefits have started increasing again for weeks of steady decline.

They are focused on securing funding for struggling state and local governments and extending enhanced unemployment benefits.

However, according to Politico, one person close to the transition said of extending jobless benefits, “We may have to give something up to McConnell that we really don’t want to give up to get it, but we simply have to do this.”

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment assistance, begin the week right by applying today!

Just visit your state’s PUA or UI website, submit your supporting documents and employment history, and let them know that you’re currently out of work due to that thing out there,

It’s totally worth it to submit your application, as you could be eligible to receive a backdated unemployment check for $10,000!

To all of the gig-workers, self-employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustlers, volunteers, and freelancers, I know it sounds like a broken record, but the PUA was made just for you in the CARES Act, back when they cared

Don’t miss out on your chance to receive these incredible government unemployment benefits before they expire on December 31st

Please keep sharing your experiences with the PUA and unemployment benefits in your state and please be safe out there,



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