Thursday Afternoon Tropical Update: Development possible in the Gulf, watching a busy Atlantic

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There is a lot to watch in the tropics. We'll start with the Gulf of Mexico. Two disturbances will move through the Gulf this weekend and early next week and could try to organize some.

The first disturbance is currently west of Florida and heading west through the Gulf. Chances of development look pretty low, but this will bring tropical moisture along the northern Gulf Coast Friday and through the weekend, so expect higher chances for rain.

The second disturbance is near The Bahamas and heading west. It has a higher chance of development as it moves into the Gulf and could become a tropical depression early next week. This will bring more moisture/rain to the Northern Gulf Coast through the beginning/middle of next week. Conditions aren't too hostile for development, so we'll need to watch this one a little closer even though models don't really develop it into much right now. It is the peak of hurricane season, the gulf is warm and wind shear will be low.

Paulette is forecast to strengthen and head toward Bermuda. It could bring hurricane conditions to the island by early next week. It will then curve north and looks to stay out to sea.

Rene is also forecast to become a hurricane, but fortunately stay out to sea.

The two other areas being monitored off the coast of Africa could become cyclones later this weekend into next week. It's too early to speculate where these will go if they form, but the wave that is further south could try to get further west if it remains weak. We'll track these over the next 5-10 days.

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