This is why I have trust issues - Warzone Trolling

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Getting betrayed -- Watch live at
This is an account where I have a really bad KD cause I am a pacifist
Thank you for watching

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#Betrayal #Warzone #WarzoneTroll

Trying to break Youtube Like Mr. SpiffingBrit
Nick Mercs likes to talk to Teepee about the little gnome named TimTheTatman. When the wolf blew Faze Nio away Huskers caught him with the help of SypherPK, Cloakzy, Tiktok warzone highlights. FaZe Dirty and Faze Scoped watched the whole thing. This 1% diamond lobby is nothing compared to the power of JGOD and his COD tutorial Videos, JoeWo kinda cracked with his top call of duty plays. Who is Lucky Chamu this guy is lik Swagg has the best bot lobbies my guy. the KD is these diamond lobbies it be like Symfuhny. Mutex, Aydan MrSoki, TheDarkness, Twitch I think i broke Who is Merk? DougisRaw is not raw. COD WARZONE HIGHLIGHTS MY GUY - Jake Ricca kinda clowinin not gonna DrDisRespect him You RaRa know what i Thinnd. Korean Savage Kinda fell of sadly. K3 tight though. Cant not say MrBeast I guess since we doing it this way. NickMercs . Faze Whos that, Remember MW2 bruh when it started. First Temperr shot I saw was on Damn you really read this? ImMarksman would be proud of NioRooch Nio ROoch. Daily dose of cod warzone and faze testy got married. Speros?? Vikkstar or Vikkstar123 ;. LoochyTV . The TruGameData says different. TheTacticalBrit, woot. MP5 . Grau . mac . diamati . Kar98 . best weapon . FFar . Amax . Oden . Bizon Diamond 1 cod diamond lobbies .. buy buyback sweaty ass game warzone sbmm sbmm warzone My bronze lobbies crazy
Kar98 gameplay Kar98k Deez Nuts Mac10
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