The Making of AVGN 1&2 Deluxe - Video Game Documentary

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AVGN 1 & 2 Deluxe is Now Available for Nintendo Switch and Steam!!
Visit for more info and game merch!
Coming soon to the PlayStation and Xbox stores. (Maybe physical too!)

This mini documentary is about how the AVGN games originally came to be, and how they were remastered. Get an indepth, behind the scenes look with the creative team behind Cinemassacre, FreakZoneGames, and Screenwave Media. This deluxe collection brings you every stage from both famously-tough action platform games, remixed & re-balanced, plus an all-new, never-before-seen final chapter to bring the experience together for the ultimate experience in nerd rage!

James Rolfe
Mike Matei
Sam Beddoes
Ryan Schott
Matt Warner
Justin Silverman

Mini doc produced by Newt

Edited by Tony from Hack the

and Justin Silverman

#AVGN #AVGNgame #Cinemassacre
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