TENET Movie Review - A Time-Bending Marvel

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Christopher Nolan's mind-melting new movie is visually stunning, full of action and great performances. Here is our review of Tenet.

Time travel is nothing new in media, but Tenet provides a fresh perspective on it by delivering a story and setting that encourages viewers to question the nature of reality and existence in the here and now.

John David Washington's character, known only as The Protagonist, finds himself recruited by a shadowy organization known as Tenet and sets out on a path to take down Kenneth Branagh's Andrei Sator, who wants to bring about World War III and claims to have the power of a god. On his journey, The Protagonist meets up with Robert Pattinson's Neil, who draws you in with the mysterious nature of his character from his first scene. The third main character is Elizabeth Debicki's Kat, Sator's tortured and somber wife.

Built in concept on the foundation of Nolan's earlier work, Inception, Tenet zig-zags through genres, blending mystery with thrills, and time travel with blockbuster action, and does so to tell its story in a unique way. Watch the video above to see what we thought of Nolan's latest film.

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