STARDEW VALLEY Is Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - 1 Million Gold On Day 1 Challenge

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the fantastic game of Stardew Valley. As always today we will be asking if Stardew Valley is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits. Or if this is only the case when Excluding Unlimited Gold and item duplication. This game is fantastic it went from a basic farming simulator to working on stardew valley android. And even stardew valley multiplayer. This game has seen a lot even an active stardew valley mod community. Today however we will be finding some classically fun video game exploits. Most of these exploits have been around since the games launch and can be discovered when looking into the games files. In our case we will be using an exploit that allows us to make 1 million gold or just 1 million on day 1 by duplicating all the items we have at hand by placing them inside a chest. It really is that simple. All the spiffing brit needs to break this game is an exciting use of item duplication and video game exploits! So can we make 1 million on the first day!

This video is going to be packed with funny clips in a montage style of british humor!If you enjoyed this then check out my other 100 stat man and perfectly balanced game series videos!
It is also rather similar to Robbaz , Valefisk and RT Game in style of content!

So sit back relax and enjoy this stardew valley challenge! Can The Spiffing Brit Break this perfectly balanced game by getting 1 million gold on day 1! Oh my what a challenge!

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Title: STARDEW VALLEY Is Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - 1 Million Gold On Day 1 Challenge

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