SSC Tuatara World Record Analysis: FACTS

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There is a lot of discussion going on about the SSC Tuatara's claimed record run. All the comparisons and assumptions aside, one thing is impossible to despute: the corelation between time, speed and distance. In the World-Record run video that has been presented to us, the actual speed of the car is about 25% lower than the suggested GPS data. In this video we are going to explain you why based on all the available data.

In conclusion: we don't claim the car is not able to do the supposed top speed. But the actual speed of the car in the world record video don't match the presented GPS data overlay and hence the video itself cannot be used as proof for the achieved top speed.

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02:35 Video Analysis
19:53 Outro/Conclusion

Supportive material:
BBC Top Gear 331mph Record video:

Shmee150 First Analysis:

SSC Tuatara vs Koenigsegg Agera RS head to head video:

Start location for the run:

Oli Webb confirming 6th gear for the run:

Robert Mitchell the Math teacher:

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