Spitfire Girls - The British Rosie the Riveter | AI Enhanced 1940 Film [60 fps]

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The unsung young women of 1940's Britain who built the iconic RAF Spitfire.
AI enhanced film originally made in 1940/41

Possibly filmed at Castle Bromwich, where the Vickers-Armstrong company manufactured thousands of Spitfires during WW2. The film begins with trainees on a work break, followed by footage of Spitfire assembly. The film ends with a brand new Spitfire being towed out of a hanger.

During the Battle of Britain, after a concerted series of raids on the main Spitfire plant in Southhampton by the German Luftwaffe, production had to be dispersed to 'secret' facilities around the country. Many of these women worked in these facilities. They were informed by the Air Ministry that they had to keep it secret. They did, until very recently.

Women pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary were tasked with their delivery as well as more dangerous non combat missions later in the war.

Footage courtesy of the Imperial War Museum
Available under the IWM Non-Commercial Creative Commons License

© IWM RMY 148-83

© IWM UKY 342

AI Restoration Process:

1. Removed artifacts and noise.
2. Interpolated new frames ( from 24 to 60fps) using the DainApp, to add depth awareness
3. Upscaled the original 480p film to 4K resolution using Topaz Video Enhance AI.
4. Added color using Deoldify
5. Created a soundtrack for the (originally) silent footage.
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