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This is your Second Stimulus Check update, stimulus package update, and stimulus check 2 update as of Friday, August 21th. This video covers the second stimulus package, the stimulus update, and the new stimulus package. ✅Join The Power Of Finance Investor Group:

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Speaking to PBS NewsHour on Thursday afternoon, Pelosi was asked about passing legislation in the House that would tie increased unemployment benefits to the unemployment figures and address other aspects of the next stimulus bill such as direct checks. This question comes after 100 Democrats signed a letter to Pelosi, urging a Saturday vote on the legislation. However, Pelosi rejected the request by some House Democrats to vote to extend unemployment benefits through a smaller coronavirus relief package, saying it could undercut negotiations on other Democratic funding priorities. She said, “I don't think strategically it's where we should go right now, because the Republicans would like to pass something like that and say forget about it.” “Forget about state and local [government funding], forget about our investments in stopping the virus, forget about other initiatives that feed the food insecure children in our country, vote by mail initiatives and the rest." However, this seems unusual and isn’t in line with what the White House and mark meadows have repeatedly. For the past week the White House and republicans have been saying they would spend more money on the postal service if they can get a bill passed that includes direct stimulus checks and unemployment benefits

Pelosi goes on to explain that “I don’t think the timing is for us to do it right now.” She said, “it’s hard to vote against extending unemployment benefits, and it’s something she fully supports but she doesn’t think it is good to include it in the negotiation on Saturday”

Yesterday, on Fox News, White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow said that the is in the midst of an economic boom despite 28 million Americans on the unemployment rolls. He also said the next round of coronavirus stimulus will not include “everybody’s wish list.” Kudlow told reporters he expects 20% growth in both the third and fourth quarters, taking his cue from the stock market, which shot up rapidly after initially moving into bear territory at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. He said that “the economy right now is in a very strong rebound, which … is a self-sustaining recovery even with the uncertainties about the virus which is always present.” As to the next round of stimulus, Kudlow raised the possibility of a new round of tax cuts on top of the payroll tax suspension, which he said the administration wants to see forgiven. He warned, however, the White House would not go along with a massive spending proposal like the $ trillion package passed by the House in May. He explained how “we can add targeted, sensible help.” Kuldow goes on to explain “As regards to spending bills, if it’s smart and efficient we have suggested to our friends across the aisle we would put more money to opening schools,” as well as unemployment benefits and the post office. He also said the administration wants to extend the eviction moratorium and the moratorium on repayment of student loans as well as direct $1200 stimulus checks. Ultimately he explained that the White House administration is looking for “Some spending not massive, larded up spending.” “Throwing [out] the spending book and using everybody’s wish list … is not what we’re going to do.”

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