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Game is still in testing phase! We are just seeing what people want us to work on, so please keep an open mind!

Do you have what it takes to escape Piggy and uncover the mysteries surrounding the beast?

Pick up items / Use items - Click (Computer), Tap (Mobile) or Right Trigger (Controller)
Crouch / Place trap - CTRL (Computer), Tap (Mobile) or B (Controller)

Roblox Piggy Escape
Roblox Piggy Escape Guide Piggy is a Roblox game based off on Peppa Pig. It’s kind of like granny. You find keys, search for hammers and wrenches. To find your way to escape the Piggy

Roblox Piggy Escape Items, Weapons & Keys
If you want to escape and beat the game, you will need to find everything. And there are keys (Blue key, Green key, Purple key, Yellow key, Orange Key and Gray Key), weapons (Hammer, Wrench, items (Wood plank, Red Gear, Green gear) and a Code. But the locations are random and change every time you play. What you need to know is where to use every item:

Chapter 1 House

Green Key: First Floor
Blue Key: First Floor Outside – Backyard
Yellow Key: Basement B1 (Open the Chest)
Purple Key: Basement B2 (secret place)
Orange Key: Basement B1
Gray Key: Exit Door
Hammer: Exit Door & also Basement B1
Wrench: Exit Door & also 3rd Floor
Wood Plank: 3rd Floor
Red Gear: Backyard (Gear Box)
Green Gear: Backyard (Gear Box)
0 000 Code: Exit Door

Chapter 2 Station
Green Key: First Floor Jail
Blue Key: First Floor Backyard - Outside
Yellow Key: 1st Floor after open red door
Purple Key: 2nd Floor After Wrench(Laser door)
Orange Key: B1 Green Area
Gray Key: Open the red door - Open Yellow safe Chest
Use Hammer: Exit Door & 2nd Floor Jail
Use Wrench: Exit Door & Laser Door
Plank: Green Area & Door with No Key
Batter: Backyard - Outside
Oil Tank: Activate Battery Machine and Go to the exit door

Chapter 3
Skeleton: Bear
Purple Key:3rd Floor
Yellow Key 2nd Floor
Blue Key: 2nd Floor
Red Key: 2nd Floor
Green Key: 1st Floor
Orange Key: 1st Floor Car
Wrench: 1st Floor 2 places
2 Eggs on Green Key Room
Plank 2nd Floor
Hammer 1st floor & 2nd Floor 2 places

Piggy is a horror survival game created by MiniToon. It is very similar to the standalone game called Granny. This game is based on the Children's British TV show, Peppa Pig.

In this game, players can either be a survivor or a Piggy. The goal of the survivors is to solve the puzzle and escape while avoiding the Piggy before the timer runs out. Piggy's goal is to kill the survivors and to stop them from escaping. The Piggy can be voted to be player, a bot or a player and a bot at the same time with two Piggies.

Roblox Piggy

Roblox Piggy

Roblox Piggy

Is Roblox for free?
Roblox is free to download and play, but also contains in-game purchases in the form of cleverly named “Robux.” Purchasing Robux is not at all a requirement to play, and many players enjoy Roblox without spending a dime.

Can you play Roblox without signing up?
No Login Needed! Buy this and you won't need to verify your account in-game!When you buy this you will be able to just get the ROBUX and Builder Club and leave without logging in!

Why is Roblox called Roblox?
Roblox was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in the year of 2004. ... It was renamed to Roblox in 2005 due to the name being hard to remember. During this time, it was also called Roblox v. 10 according to DomainTools Screenshots

Is Roblox OK for a 5 year old?
Yes it is appropriate to play Roblox as a five-year-old, considering there is no age limit on Roblox. There are a few things to do in order to keep your child safe. First, disable chatting on the website and in game. It is important that your child does not talk to anyone online to stay safe.

Is Roblox OK for 7 year old?
Roblox is not (in my opinion) safe for children under 13 years of age, despite the 7+PEGI (PG rating here in Australia) rating.

Can U Get Roblox on ps4?
After being released for android and IOS, Roblox has now been released for PS4 and Xbox one as well. People have been waiting to play roblox on their gaming consoles and they finally can. If you own a PS4 and are wondering how you can download roblox for PS4, you're at the right place.

Will Roblox shut down in 2020?
Roblox Servers Are Not Going To Shut Down In 2020. Roblox players started freaking out after a claim that the game is shutting down on March 22, 2020, went viral. ... Because of the population,the roblox servers will shut down on march 22th,2020.”It was a fun time.”

Can you play Roblox on a PlayStation 4?
The PS4 Roblox is a new march towards PlayStation 4 has made all its 60 million players crazy.
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