RLCraft Hardcore Config by Shivaxi! This may be impossible!

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Hey guys, in this stream I am trying Shixavi's hardcore config for the very second time with all recomended settings! (Hardcore difficulty and larger biomes). I hope my PC doesn't crash, as it has been giving me some problems recently, but I didn't say I would stream ahead of time, so if it does crash, it is not too big a deal! Anyways, there are 1380 changes that Shivaxi made and applied to this hardcore config, and a few main ones are below:
-You start with 2 instead of 3 base hearts so skeleton shots and all crits even from enemies like trumpet skeletons will kill you in the early game.
-Amalgalich, Asmodeos, Rahovart, and a few other mini bosses wil only spawn as infernal varients. Basically they have a chance to be pretty much unkillable if you are unlucky (infernal rahovart of the vampire will insta full heal if it hits you etc).
-The hardcore config only works properly on hardcore difficulty.
-Every 1000 blocks you venture from spawn, difficulty increases by 1. In other words enemies will hit about 25% harder per 1000 blocks, but I do not know if it scales every 1000 or more like 1000,10000,100000, but I believe it says every 1000 in the config, which is pretty scary.
-You cannot make wooden or stone modded weapons or shields. So in other words I can't make a shield until I get 4 in defense and it wil be a bad vanilla shield, and I cannot make a rapier until I am 8 in attack and it is an iron rapier.
-All modded weapon's damage values have been changed. An example is Rapiers and sabers have much less base damage, making swords pretty much on par with them.
-Avian treats can only be made with fish fillets, or concopede meat, and when you make the treats you only get 1 instead of 4.
-Dragon treats only give 1 treat when made as well instead of 4.
-You spawn in a random season, so you could start in mid winter, early summer, late spring, or fall etc, you get the picture.
-The first night you play will also be a random moon stage, so epion night one would be completely rng.
-Temperature changes are more extreme, so managing your temperature will be a bit more difficult than before.
-Full Battle towers now only spawn 1 in 1400 square blocks rather than 1 in 700 square blocks. I am not sure if all structures spawn rates have been decreased, but when exploring I could not find structures very often.
-I ended up one shotting myself against a mob with thorns, so I assume some of the rare mobs effect multiplyers have been changed as well.
-After cheesing my first battle tower the other day when I got 200 blocks or so away from the battle tower with the loot without killing the golem I randomly started drowning and insta died. I am not sure if that is a feature or if some sort of infernal djinn of drowning randomly spawned behind me and insta killed me with the drawning affect.
-Infernal enemies are more common.
-Mobs hit considerably harder. For reference, you can still get 1 shot when in full protection IV armor by blighted mobs if you have low base hearts.
-Many mobs combat AI has been tweaked.
-1000+ other small things have been changed, and I do not know the exact details. Most small things changed are likely to be adjustments to loot in chests, mob drops, ai, item values, and other small difficulty spikes! Shivaxi intended for this to be hard, so I am indeed curious about some of the other stuff he has changed, that I have not yet discovered! From what it seems right now though, this config perhaps truly impossible to survive unless you play very passively all the time.
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