New Bugatti LM Hypercar to Lap The Nürburgring in Sub 5:30??

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After the video about the Mercedes-AMG Black Series Lap Record there were many comments, questions and other feedback. Let's do a follow-up Q&A! It turned out to be a pretty long video, but here are the topics so you can watch what you find interesting:

00:00 Intro
01:00 AMG: There was no "Record Attempt"
02:40 Why does AMG not communicate the lap time?
03:36 Nürburgring Lap Timing Service
06:18 Track layouts
08:08 Porsche GT2 RS (Non-)MR Record(s)
09:44 Other Manufacturers aiming for a Ring Record?
09:58 McLaren (Senna)
10:50 McLaren P1 Ring Record
14:05 Performance Calculations
15:24 Koenigsegg
16:45 Pagani
17:15 SSC Tuatara
18:20 Mercedes-AMG One
19:42 Aston-Martin Valkyrie
20:12 Ferrari
21:02 Porsche
21:30 Outro/Tomorrow

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