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Hey guys, it’s me, Ayden Mekus, welcome back. Today I'm reacting to myself on Dhar Mann once again, “mean Girls Shame This YouTuber”. I also have a special guest, some of you know her as my ex crush, Symonne Harrison. Our reactions to this dhar mann episode is priceless so stay tuned. If you enjoyed and want to see more fun reaction video like this one, make sure you LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!!

This video I react to the story of 3 teen girls who bully another teen girl that is just starting with YouTube, by constantly making fun of her. The bullied girl decides she is going to quit everything, that is until she meets a famous Youtuber, Cole Labrant @The LaBrant Fam . From that point on this video takes a dramatic turn, one that is so unexpected. Watch the video the whole way through to see the surprise ending. This story is one of the best and most enjoyable videos I have viewed, as it sends out a very positive and inspirational message.

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