Major S-PEN SOFTWARE UPDATE brings ONE UI 2.5 Features to Galaxy Note 10 (Note 9, Note 8)

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Samsung has issued an update to it's Samsung Notes application which brings a massive amount of updates and upgrades to your S-Pen note taking capabilities on the Galaxy Note 10, 9 and 8.

These features were the launch features reserved for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which was reserved for One UI but now, without even needing One UI , you can get them on your Galaxy Note 10 and Note 9!

Awesome! Let's dive in.


0:00 Intro
0:34 How To Get The Update with One UI Features
1:13 Feature One: S-Pen Straightening Tool
2:20 Feature Two: Write and Annotate Over Text
3:21 Feature Three: Sign PDF Files Digitally and Instantly with S-Pen
4:21 Feature Four: New Background Colors and Page Templates
4:57 Feature Five: Powerful Voice Recorder Syncs To Your Voice
6:42 Feature Six: New Nested Folders in Samsung Notes
8:21 Feature Seven: Lock and Unlock Samsung Notes with Fingerprints
8:54 Feature Eight: Microsoft Powerpoint Compatibility
9:29 Feature Nine: Editing Mode vs Reading Mode
10:06 Feature Ten: Infinite Scrolling
10:53 Feature Eleven: Add-On Tools Area
11:36 Final Thoughts and Remarks

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