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My name is Richard but most people call me Richie. I guess the name is appropriate because I’m rich now! I’m only sixteen and I’ve already saved enough money for college! Continue watching my crazy story to find out how.

I come from a lower middle class family of seven. There was me, my mom, dad, two younger brothers and two older sisters. My dad had a good enough job and my mom worked as a library assistant. We didn’t have much, but we were happy and we appreciated that our parents worked hard to provide for us.

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Anyway, things went downhill when my father said he had an important announcement. We were all seated at the dinner table and he said:

“I had to be rushed to the hospital this morning. After the doctors examined me and conducted some tests, they found out that I have Leukemia. I will begin treatment next week but I’ll have to quit my job.”

“Daddy, are you going to die?” my little brother asked.

“No! I think I will survive and I need you all to think positively. It just means that we will have less money and things will become a bit difficult.” he replied.

My mom began sobbing and everyone else looked so sad.

“Guys, dad said to be positive. I believe you’ll get through this and we’ll do what we can to help you heal!” I said then I got up and hugged him. Everyone else joined and he smiled sadly.

The next few weeks were difficult indeed. We could barely make ends meet with my mom’s salary. I felt hopeless. What could I do to help? I was still a teenager at high school and I barely had enough free time to work.

I stayed back in the library after school one afternoon trying to gather my thoughts. I put my head on the desk and I think I probably looked really frustrated because the librarian
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