Grip - Hindi Drama Short Film | Social Drama

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Drama short film about a couple whose relationship is going through a lot of ups and downs because of the guy’s insecurities, he doesn’t trust the girl and keeps on beating her. Soon her friend realizes this but, will she be able to save her?

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Sachit Grover
Producer: Sachit Grover
Writer: Sachit Grover
Editor: Sachit Grover
Music: Sachit Grover (Free online Music Library)
Cinematographer: Kush Patel
Actor: Rohan - Sachit Grover, Ishita - Anushka Tiwari, Naina - Bhumika Jain, Naina's friend - Samarth Sarin, Ishita's Childhood Friend - Darshil Patel
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