FINALLY! PASSING TODAY! Second Stimulus Check Update [10/21] | Pelosi CONFIRMED Retroactive Stimulus

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This is your Second Stimulus Check update, stimulus package update, and stimulus check 2 update as of Wednesday, October 21st for the new stimulus bill. This video covers the second stimulus package, the stimulus update, and the new stimulus package. ✅Join The Power Of Finance Investor Group:

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin meet for nearly an hour on Tuesday to cut a deal on a major relief package that could pass before Election Day. They were unable to read a deal but Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that she and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are “on a path” to a massive coronavirus relief deal, raising hopes that Democrats can come to a broad agreement with the White House in the coming days. Both lawmakers plan to meet again Wednesday after their productive, 45-minute call on Tuesday afternoon. Pelosi’s spokesman Drew Hammill said of the Tuesday call that “Tuesday’s deadline enabled the Speaker and Secretary to see that decisions could be reached and language could be exchanged, demonstrating that both sides are serious about finding a compromise," noting that the two sides are moving "closer to an agreement." Though a deal was not reached by her self-imposed Tuesday night deadline, enough progress was made that both sides felt like talks should continue, with Washington still waiting to see whether months of negotiations between the two will culminate in a multitrillion-dollar stimulus plan just two weeks before the presidential election.

Pelosi said Tuesday that the two sides are close to resolving a key sticking point over money for virus testing and contact tracing, an issue that had divided the two sides for weeks. She projected optimism that Democrats could strike a deal and downplayed her deadline for an agreement prior to the election. And on Bloomberg TV Pelosi said “I’m optimistic because I do think we have a shared value — not many, but a shared value — that finally they want to crush the virus.” She ultimately said that Tuesday wasn't her intended day to reach a deal with the Trump administration, but the "day where we would have our terms on the table to be able to go to the next step." Pelosi came outing said that “We all want to get an agreement because people need it. It's urgent, and our economy needs it and that hopefully by the end of the day today, we'll know where we all are."

White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows told CNBC the sides have made “good progress” but “still have a ways to go” to strike an agreement. He said that “I would think that those discussions hopefully would make progress again today and perhaps the following day,” adding that he hopes to see “some kind of agreement before the weekend.”

In a Dear Colleague Letter to her caucus after Tuesday's negotiations, Pelosi said that both sides are "serious" about reaching a compromise and that their conversation "provided more clarity." She said in the letter that “Our conversation provided more clarity and common ground as we move closer to an agreement.” Pelosi explained that ”today's deadline enabled us to see that decisions could be reached and language could be exchanged, demonstrating that both sides are serious about finding a compromise.” The speaker goes on to say that she and Mnuchin called for House committee chairs “to resolve differences about funding levels and language.” But ultimately she said that “I remain hopeful that we can reach an agreement before the election. It will be safer, bigger, and better, and it will be retroactive,”
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