Escape Infected Developer's Piggy ROLEPLAY Extreme House by noclipping (for funsies!)

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Please note, this is a ROLEPLAY game, not actual Piggy! "Noclipping" is considered a glitch and not an exploit or hack.

Game link:

Key Presser:

For an excellent, complete walkthrough, see this vid by "Jerry" and watch him complete it like a boss!

Music: (not actual in-game music)

Several people who saw my previous video of the secret ending cutscene were asking how to complete Extreme House and Extreme House secret ending by doing what's called noclipping. I'll show you step by step what to do. No-clipping is a great way to casually walk around and check out the map, because the piggies don't activate. Kudos to Infected Developer for making a fun Piggy roleplay game!
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