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Doc, Hands of Steel - Doc McGregor, former surgeon become player, is wrongly accused of murder and pursued by Slade, a bounty hunter

Doc, Hands of Steel (1965)
Director: Alfonso Balcázar
Writers: Alfonso Balcázar (screenplay), Alfonso Balcázar (story)
Stars: Carl Möhner, Luis Dávila, Fernando Sancho
Genre: Western
Country: Italy | Spain
Language: English
Release Date: 11 January 1967 (West Germany)
Also Known As: dólares vivo o muerto
Filming Locations: Fraga, Huesca, Aragón, Spain

Doc McGregor, former surgeon become player, is wrongly accused of murder and pursued by Slade, a bounty hunter. In his escape he finds Larry Kitchener's corpse and decides to impersonate him. But his problems get worse as Kitchener was a famous gunslinger hired as sheriff for the people from Baldosas to stop Reyes, a Mexican bandit who has terrorized them.

"Romolo (Guerrieri) Girolami - director of classics like Johnny Yuma and dollari per un massacro - is listed as assistent-director and one wonders if he was responsible for this more violent ('more italian') nature of the movie.

Carl Möhner is Doc, a former surgeon turned drunkard and gambler with a price on his head. A bounty hunter called Slade is on his trail, but Slade has never seen his face. To confuse Slade, Doc adopts the name of a dead man who went by the name of Kitschner and was known for his golden guns. In a small western town Doc is now taken for a famous gunslinger and offered the job of sheriff. He accepts the offer, mainly because he has an eye on a local beauty, but now the bandits who have killed Kitschner, think the man with the golden gun is still alive ...

A bit slow and predictable at first, the story picks up in the second half with a few plot twists and a flamboyant performance by Fernando Sancho as a sadistic Mexican bandit who enjoys shooting unarmed people, including women and children. The script is a nice variation on the doppelgänger motiv, with Mohner as the man who eventually starts identifying himself with the person whose name and fame he has stolen, becoming a better person in the process: the swindler really becomes the sheriff and the defender of the townspeople and also uses his neglected skills as a surgeon in the film's redemptive finale.

No less than four people contributed to the script and they all seem to have pushed forward their own ideas. As a result the narrative is meandering, with some story elements developed better than others, but at least the busy plot will have you guessing what will happen next. The movie is by no means great, but it's one of those minor genre entries that are easy to enjoy. The part of the intellectual turned cardsharp turned sheriff suits Möhner well and Davila is solid as the man on his trail who eventually becomes his deputy in the border town. The Italian title, L'uomo dalla pistola d'oro/The man with the golden gun, might have been a reference to Edward Dmytryk's Warlock, an very popular film in Mediterranean countries and released as L'homme aux colts d'or (The Man with the Golden Guns) in France and under similar titles in other countries. Even the idea of the duo of gunslingers coming to a western town to restore law and order might have been taken from Dmytryk's movie." Written by Simon Gelten on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): L'uomo dalla pistola d'oro
Argentina: El hombre de la pistola de oro
Brazil: O Homem da Pistola de Ouro
Canada (French title): Un colt pour MacGregor
Colombia: El pistolero de oro
Greece (transliterated title): O anthropos me to hryso pistoli
Japan (Japanese title): 殺し屋がやって来た
Spain (working title): dólares vivo o muerto
Spain: Doc, manos de plata
Sweden: Mannen med den gyllene pistolen - Hämnare för dollar
Turkey (Turkish title): Silah namustur
USA: Doc, Hands of Steel
USA: The Man Who Came to Kill
USA: Man with the Golden Pistol
USA (alternative title): The Man with the Golden Gun
West Germany (video title): Mad Mexican
West Germany: Der Mann, der kam, um zu töten


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