DayZ | Console Modding | Spawn Guns in Gun Racks! On your Xbox/PS4/PS5 Private Nitrado Server

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In todays console "modding" video we will be making guns spawn in the gun racks that are scattered around the map. It makes sense. There are all these empty gun racks but no guns!?!

Sorry! this isnt a PC mod somehow ported to console for storing guns in a gun rack. Simply not possible at this stage for DayZ Console (Xbox/PS4/PS5). But still pretty cool I think.

Instructions for spawning guns in gun racks:
Chernarus -
Livonia - (Only 11 and in tents)

Check out the guns in racks along with the previous videos additions on my Xbox and Playstation Servers called "DonSibleyGames Yesterdays Gone"

I also have a PC server, Search for DonSibleyGames on DZSA.

Access your Nitrado server via FTP:

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