Coronavirus, Americas Update

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Bolivia, Population, , Cases, 85, 141

Deaths 3, 385

30 official languages

Widespread belief in traditional medicine

Health care spending

$450 per year per person

Massive community spread in cities

DW News

Patients died after being turned away from medical centres

Hospitals full in most cities

Funeral parlours out of coffins

Family members not allowed to enter cemeteries

Police picking up 70 bodies per day from the streets

85% infected with COVID-19

Worst areas

Santa Cruz, La Pas, Cochabamba

Dying in cars and public transport looking for medical aid

Dying at home, unable to access hospital care

Turned away from a chain of hospitals

Can pay to get into a hospital

Police issuing death certificates

Total collapse of health care, testing and recording


Simple hypoxia



Shock and circulatory failure

Inflammatory syndromes

Bacterial infection

Dehydration and renal failure

La Paz
Police collected 140 bodies from the streets in 5 days

Chlorine dioxide being produced and sold


Cases, + 57,152 = 2, 859, 073

Deaths, + 1,437 = 97,256

Chief Aritana Yawalapiti

Half of Brazil’s 300 indigenous tribes have confirmed infections

Many indigenous areas effected

Xingu National Park

Cases, 22,353

Deaths, 631

United States

Cases, 4, 823, 892

Deaths, 158, 256



Bluetooth signals keep anonymous list of close encounters

Contacts then notified without revealing identity

Ralph Northam

No one is tracking you

None of your personal information is saved


Testing resumes after storm

11% positivity rate

Cases, + 5,409 = 502,739

Deaths, + 225

Hospitalisations, down for past 2 weeks, - 175 = 7,622

Marlins Park, 15 minute test results


13% positivity rate

Pupils packed in hallways

One class quarantined for 2 weeks


Testing, 5% positivity rate

School opening online only

New York

Positivity rate, 1%

Check stations

Travellers from 34 states must self-isolate for 14 days

Dr Anthony Fauci

Tens of millions of doses in the early part of next year
A billion by the end of 2021
Manufacturing in place before science
The federal government has put more than one egg in the basket


Total tested = 4, 272, 606
Positives = 111, 611
Negatives = 4, 159, 201


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