COP'S ENEMY - ENGLISH FULL MOVIE - John K-ay, Van Vicker , Wema Sepetu 2020

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A World Classic Film - 2020 . Filmed in Australia & Tanzania

Starring: John K-ay | Wema Sepetu | Van Vicker | Aunty Ezekiel | Gabrielle Bartlett | Stanley Msungu | Jean-Pierre Yerma | Clarisse Dorika | AJ Nuamah | Joey Mens & More.

Directed by Neema Ndepanya and Prema Smith
Written & Produced by John K-ay
: Young Martin Production

Cop’s Enemy is an Australian- African Film, that tackles the struggles of love and belonging. The narrative successfully weaves together a series of individual stories offering viewers a rousing fun as a result of deeply captivating portrayal of several realistic qualities that echoes on the trials, challenges and issues in the 21st Century.


In a city full of corrupt cops and mysterious kingpins such as Shadow, a young man Victor Kaapor fights to save his mother and the woman he loves. Which forces him to go undercover, 'off-the-books' mission to help the police take down an well-known unstoppable crew of Rich kids known as "Cop's Enemy". His only option is to betray the woman he loves, but as he gets closer to his goal he begins to realise that everything is not as it seems.

Special Thanks to : Australian Government, Tanzanian Government, All cast, The Crew, Raimon Sanga, Monica Sizya, Neema Ndepanya, Ibrahim Emmanuel, Ogunlusi Joy Aiyeoritse, All Tz Media, Burundi Media, Deo Iconayisavye, Maggie Bushiri, John-Bosco Gahungu, William Guillaume, Harley Bruce, Fanny Louange, Jimy Akayezu, Lebba Bawoh, Ulebor Manny, All John K-ay Team Groups,

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