Console WR Cayo Perico Heist Co-op 3-Player Speedrun (27:44)

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00:00 Intro
00:03 Timer starts
01:29 Plasma Cutter / Fingerprint Cloner
11:08 Cutting Torch
13:15 Longfin
17:00 Weapons
20:30 Finale
27:47 Timer stops

Submission to
Previous Console WR was 30:56. This time is currently 3rd in the standings for fastest completion (no chance of ever beating PC). #Cayo_Perico_Heist set by us.

Category Rules: Timer starts upon selecting the first mission of the heist. This would be the scope the primary target mission and is stopped on losing control of your character after leaving the final.
Timer ends when you lose control of your character and the hud disappears.

Blue-Bear2017YT's perspective:

What we did:
Host put sticky bombs down at Lago Zancudo and parked Kosatka on the beach. He then exploded them and gathered intel using the Oppressor glitch on Cayo Perico. Other 2 players joined a public lobby immediately after getting the Lago Zancudo location, then completed the Plasma Cutter and Fingerprint Cloner missions, previously set up after scoping out their own Primary target. You can only kill each other and steal preps in a public lobby. Then we completed Cutting Torch, Longfin, and Weapons before starting the finale. Bad RNG in the finale lost us 2 mins of time, and the guards were alerted at the pool. The two players who did not collect the Primary target then kill themselves meaning only one player needs to escape the island for the job to be completed. This was our first go at doing it all this way so not fully optimised and better teamwork in the future, and will definitely be faster with a full 4-player team.

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