BREAKING STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE! Congress REJECTS STIMULUS Items - $1.9T Stimulus Package Update!

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#stimulusupdate #cashact #unemploymentbenefits #secondstimuluspackage #stimuluscheckupdate

MAJOR Stimulus Check Update! Major Shakeup in the voting for the massive Stimulus spending bill.

Historic Week in Congress! The Senate and House of Representatives held a vote that would allow them to pass stimulus without bipartisan support. HUGE! This update covers SSI + SSDI, monthly stimulus checks for children dependents and $1400 checks and unemployment and unemployment extensions!

The Senate began voting on new Amendments to the $ Dollar Stimulus Package! Some Shockers were voted on!

#stimulusupdate #unemploymentbenefits #secondstimuluspackage #stimuluscheckupdate #2000stimuluscheck #thirdstimulusupdate #monthlystimuluschecks

HUGE pressure from Democrats to include MONTHLY STIMULUS CHECKS! Now we are looking at $2,000 Monthly stimulus checks?

Major Update on child tax credit on stimulus package! (Also monthly)

Major Executive Orders being put through, for better or worse? Third Stimulus Package Update!

#stimulusupdate #unemploymentbenefits #secondstimuluspackage #stimuluscheckupdate #americanrescueplan #2000stimuluscheck

Multiple stimulus checks in the works. What will you do with the money? Bills? Invest? Save? Donate? Should we support massive debt?

Major Stimulus Check Update! $2,000 Stimulus check update! What are you doing with your stimulus money?

President Trumps signs the relief bill sending $600 checks to all qualifying individuals. All unemployment extensions and unemployment benefit boosts are all approved! FPUC is ready to roll. PPP money is back on the table for businesses. $2,000 Stimulus checks are still on the table. Many states are now starting to pay the $300 unemployment benefit boost starting this week.

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