Badla (Bhadra) | South Full Action Movie Dubbed In Hindi | Ravi Teja, Prakash Raj, Meera Jasmine

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Badala (#Bhadra) is a 2005 Indian Telugu-language action film directed by debutant Boyapati Srinu. The film features #RaviTeja and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles while Arjan Bajwa, #PrakashRaj and Pradeep Rawat play supporting roles.

Bhadra (#RaviTeja) and Raja (#ArjanBajwa) are the thickest of friends. Bhadra notices Raja's sister Anu (#MeeraJasmine) in a video-recorded call and gets attracted to her. After some days, during an engagement ceremony Bhadra returns home with a frightened Anu that shocks the whole family. Everyone wonders who Anu is ? Bhadra's uncle wants his daughter to marry Bhadra. Finally, Bhadra's father forces him to tell what is going on. Then a flashback starts.

Anu's brother Surendra (#PrakashRaj) and cousin, are involved with regional gangs. When Anu takes Bhadra to the temple without Surendra's knowledge, a rival gang member group is attacked by Anu's cousin's group and one member of the rival group catches Anu and threatens to kill her.

Meanwhile, Surendra's men trace Anu and bring her to Bhadra's home. Bhadra plans to send her abroad. She realizes she cannot leave Bhadra at any cost.

So finally will Anu and Bhadra unite or the gangs will get a hold of them, do find out by watching this superhit action film.
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