Animal Crossing New Horizons: MARIO CROSSOVER In MARCH UPDATE (Details Recapped with Speculation)

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A guide to the latest news surrounding the upcoming March Update for Animal Crossing New Horizons.
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Today we take a look at both trailers that have recently revealed a Super Mario Crossover Event within Animal Crossing New Horizons.
We highlight all the details announced and what this likely means when the scheduled update is released in March.
We discuss how Mario Items and Nintendo-themed furniture has been handled in the past, looking at examples from previous games, before speculating how this may be handled in New Horizons.
In particular we discuss 2 ways in-which the Mario Items could be distributed.
Of course, all we know for sure is that the Update is coming in March, it will be free, and will include Mario Furniture.
How do you think these will be distributed? Let us know ????

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